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Hey Guys! I'm excited to announce the new signature functionality that we have implemented into the Callaway Community.  I urge you to add your WITB to your signature (full bag Callaway hopeflully) for the rest of t...
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@Randy Kudos on the new platform. Just navigating around and I for one like the improvement. Clean, and easy to navigate. I know the only thing constant is change and sometimes it is confusing. But not this time, very we...
/ Getting Started
Admittedly my technological abilities are limited, however up untill a week ago I was able to navigate thru the old website, watch a video or listen to a podcast and collect reward points for my efforts.  ...
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Why for love of God must I go through the captcha to log in EVERY TIME! I do not mind change when change is good, but some of the changes like the captcha (at login to account) and the levels of the menu to get to things make...