Gift of Hole in One

Gift of Hole in One

A little over four (4) years ago, I had major back surgery which involved a 12 hour surgery with 2 steel rods and screws from my tailbone to T-10 in my spine. I had many complications and infections, with a very long recovery period. I had hoped to play golf again since I love playing golf so much and had looked forward to playing when I retired.

Given all that I experienced and the setbacks, I thought golf would be out of the question. After 3 years, I began to tried to begin to test myself with an effort at golf. It was slow and difficult, with limited progress and success. In the 4th year after my surgery in May 2016, I participated in a best ball gif tournament at Hanging Rock Golf Course near Roanoke, VA. On the 15th hole from a distance of 125 yards, I struck a sweet swing with my 7 iron and to my wonderment and amazement, I scored the first hole-in-one of my life! Not only have I now been given a second chance to play golf, I had this wonderful golf gift of a hole-in-one! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘โ›ณ๏ธ

I got a hole-in-one Thursday night 9-1-17. Using an older callaway diablo the hole is a par 3 193 yds. I really want to get a callaway fusion 3 wood just can not do it at this time.


Thank you


Its been 12 years since my third and most complicated back surgery with reconstruction of my L4 L5 S1. Im not back into the Swing of things with my golf game. Im finding it certainly takes awhile to loosen up my lower back with all the placed hardware. Hoping things get much better