Holiday Steelhead XR Irons Giveaway Contest

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We have plenty to be grateful for this holiday season. For one, we are really excited about the newly revamped Callaway Community. Thank you to all the current members and we look forward to welcoming new ones. And second, in just a few short months, Steelhead XR Irons have risen to #1.

So, in the spirit of the holiday season, to celebrate both the Callaway Community and Steelhead XR irons being the #1 selling iron in the USA*, we're going to give away a brand spankin' new set of the new #1 Iron in golf.

*According to Golf Datatech for November 2016 by dollar share

To enter the contest share a story and/or description of the best and/or worst golf gift you've ever received. Photos are encouraged!

The story that receives the most votes will win a set of Steelhead XR irons*. So please enter and vote!

Submissions will be accepted until 12/31 and voting will close 1/2. Make sure to get your friends and family to come vote for you because there is only one set available!!

*Irons can only be shipped to addresses in the United States and Canada