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A Red Tide is Rising

Callaway Employee

Let me make a bold prediction.  Over the next several months, you’ll see Odyssey staffers switching to red putters one by one.  There is no question what the hottest color on the greens is; it’s red.





A few months ago we saw Daniel Berger switch to his Red R-Ball just weeks after he won. The 2017 Masters champion, who used another manufacturer’s red putter, switched to OUR red.  Kelly Kraft switched to a version of Berger’s red putter as well as several other non-staffers.




Now check this out below.  Here’s a red #7 with a flow neck, giving the putter toe hang (one of the hottest trends on Tour), for none other than the guy who just signed a lifetime deal with Callaway and Odyssey, 5-time major champion Phil Mickelson.




College Starter ⭐⭐

Wow, I can't imagine seeing Phil putt with a #7.  The #9 is pretty much synonymous with Phil.  


@TonyToulonCG bold prediction....Toulon will finally release a milled black 330M and make me happy.  Make it so. 

High School Varsity ⭐⭐⭐

Man if they make that red 7cs available to the public in a left hand option I will be the first in line to buy one.  

That thing looks sweet!! 

College Recruit

@TonyToulonCG Why is it called a CS? Thought that was for center shaft putters. 

College Recruit ⭐⭐

If Phil decides its not for him I'll forward you my address.

College Recruit ⭐⭐

Why not on the indy. How cool would that be?

High School State Champion

Red putters for red numbers!

High School Varsity ⭐

I would like to see that Red R-ball in my bag Smiley Wink Are there any plans of making more tour only o-works putters coming to retail? 

College Recruit
Masters Golf Tournament

Is that an O-Works #1 wide on the left there?? I need it. 

College Starter

I agree with @jimm9fa7, a red Indy! I love my black one but I would get a red one if it was available- Red carbon fiber- HOT @TonyToulonCG- come on Tony get us a red Indy, please?