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Branden Grace Makes History With Microhinge

Callaway Employee

Branden Grace shot the first 62 in major championship history in thescottish.JPG

3rd round of The Open this past Saturday. Just a week before he was testing putters. Here you can see Branden taking a close look at O-Works Black & Red in a Jailbird Prototype head.


It appears Branden made the right call when you take a look at his 3rd round numbers.


28 total putts

8 birdies

175+ feet of putts made

  • 16′ on 1
  • 35′ on 4
  • 25′ on 8
  • 12′ on 9
  • 36′ on 14
  • 28′ on 16

31 scores of 63 in major championship history

1 score of 62


Here’s a closer look at his putter:



Head: O-Works Black Jailbird Proto

Loft: 3°

Lie: 71.25°

Length: 33.5”

College Recruit ⭐

What can Odyssey learn from this accomplishment? I know!  Release a Jailbird O WORKS!!

College Recruit ⭐

That was a ridiculously good display of putting.

College Recruit ⭐⭐
Masters Golf Tournament

I really think someone, hopefully a team Callaway guy, shoots 10 under at a major in the next few years.  Phil flirted with it last year, Branden gets the 62 but on a par 70 course, and the talent level has never been better on tour. 

College Recruit ⭐⭐

Hopefully this will get him some momentum for the rest of the tour.  Really looking forward to the new line of putters hitting stores so we can try them out!

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PGA Tour

I noticed his putter and thought , oh we have a Jailbird , didnt know that. This explains everything. One heck of a round ! 

College Recruit ⭐⭐

Heck of a round and great putting!


Release a new Jailbird...please...k, thanks. Robot tongue

College Starter ⭐⭐

Tour Pros have it made...nothing like walking into a trailer, trying out some putters, having it bent and gripped to your specs, and walking out with it...all free of charge...then they'll do it again the following week just because they can.  

College Recruit ⭐

@TonyToulonCG Tony, can you get Callaway to produce the V-LINE FANG in red please?!!

College Recruit ⭐

Great job Brandon!

College Starter

@TonyToulonCG- Tony, I just received my NEW Indianapolis putter from the garage. This putter is truly a piece of art to me. Beautifully done and can't wait to get it to the practice green. Thank you for a great putter and the custom options. The black shaft- AWESOME, you should make a note that it is NOT a painted black shaft but what looks like to me is black CHROME - very special!

Callaway Employee

 @GeneMf961 Gene, LOVE to hear that! This was actually the first putter we began to design when we founded Toulon Design back in September 2015. It took a lot of time, design renditions, and testing to finally see it come to life. It's very exciting to be able to get it in the hands of golfers everywhere!


Thanks, Tony

College Starter

@TonyToulonCG- I think the very uniques and special shape may turn off many people but anyone liking a mallet style putter and picks up an Indianapolis putter and rolls a few balls with see, feel and hear how special you have made this putter. I love the "different" shape it has and thanks to the garage the little extras I got as well. I am sure that price will also hold a few people back but the serious golfer will know the importance of a great putter in his game. this putter fills that need. Can't say enough great things about this putter and the finished product from the Toulon Garage. I can only hope that I do this putter justice.