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/ Product Testing Sign-Ups
I'm starting up been golfing for a few years. So I'm still new. Does anyone have any clubs or used gear they don't want? If there free I'd be more than happy to take them off ur hands. All my clubs are wood and brass. So anyt...
/ GBB Epic Woods Reviews
Does anyone possibly have experience with any of these three..Can hit Fairway woods great, seems like I am losing swing speed on driver head. Looking for lightest to help with swing speed. Currently looking at Epic or Fusion....
/ Rogue Drivers & Fairway Woods Reviews
It seems like the first version of Rogue SZ must have been a bit too low spin for many tour players because I noticed at least 2 or 3 different versions out there that are geared to be a little higher cg with more spin.....So...
/ Rogue Drivers & Fairway Woods Reviews
I have some TC tour issued heads in both Epic SZ  Epic 440 SZ (the rare unicorn)  and Rogue SZ.  I think the Epic honestly launches a little higher than Rogue but the 440 epic is a monster low spin head.  ...