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/ Apex Iron & Hybrid Reviews
I recently added a 18* Apex UT into my bag set up.   Paired with a UST f4. Deadly accurate off the short par 4's. Keeping me in the short grass and getting great distance as well.      The confidence ...
/ Apex Iron & Hybrid Reviews
I just picked up a, set of the Apex pro's. Wow these things are unreal. Coming from Srixon irons I gamed for 3 years. Using the same shafts I can say the Apex pro feels much better when pured and mishit.    With add...
/ Product Testing Sign-Ups
Hey guys! I keep having problems with my Steelhead XR irons. They are either bending at the Farrel or the farrel is breaking. I have sent them in twice to get fixed. I have been without them for a total of 5 weeks now. It’s p...
/ Odyssey EXO Putter Reviews
Recently I tested the new Odyssey  EXO Seven w/ S-Neck Hosel putter. Callaway sent me the club to test for the purposes of writing a review for the Callaway Community. Date Tested:04/18/2018 Model Tested:EXO Seven w/ S-N...