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SHACKHOUSE GIVEAWAY: Knock Off The Rust 2k17!!!!

High School Varsity

Hey Friends of the ShackHouse-


March has arrived on the calendar which can only mean one thing: IT'S GOLF SEASON!!!! (at least, for those of us that live in places with something resembling winter...)  For once, I am going to try to get off on the right foot with some proper instruction and supervised play down in northern Florida under the watchful eye of none other than Golf Channel Academy's Travis Fulton.  Probably should bring him some protective eyewear...


Anyhow, Shack and I want to hear some stories about how YOU intend to knock off the rust (KOTR) this season and we are very pleased to make it worth your while!! Our good friends at Ogio and Callaway have collaborated on a joint ShackHouse production and are offering up two great packages:


(1) an Ogio Mutant Travel bag PLUS an Odyssey O-Works '17 Putter featuring the Microhinge Insert, AND 

(2) an Ogio Cirrus stand golf bag PLUS Great Big Bertha Epic Driver with Jailbreak Technology.



The requirements for entry are easy: we need 2 sentences (more or less) about how you intend to Knock Off The Rust in 2017 AND a guess on the *combined score* of me (House) and Bon Appetit Editor in Chief Adam Rapaport on #17 at TPC Sawgrass (e.g. 5? 6? 7? 8? 9? More....???)  Rap and I are both double-digit handicappers in the 13-15 range, so take that into account...


We are playing TPC Sawgrass this Thursday afternoon (March 2) and we will have Travis Fulton there to verify.  Two winners will be selected at random from among whoever correctly guesses the score and winners will be announced next week here in ShackHouse Central as well as on Twitter.  Only one entry per Community member, please!


Let's all KOTR together this year my peoples ... in the ShackHoooooooooooouse!!!!!!

Junior Champion

What's shaking, Shaaaaaackhouuuuuse?!?!? I plan on "knocking off the rust" this season by, first, trying to forget about the terrible fast food top 50 rankings. Secondly, by properly stretching and cracking open a cold beer. And lastly, listening to the Shackhouse podcast of course! Hit em' straight and I predict the combined with score will be 9. Someone is getting wet.

Junior Champion

Just got done with a Bandon trip to knock off the rust and get ready for 2017. Plus, great weather in Nebraska so far this winter for golf! Hoping your collective score is better, but I'm going with 10. Good luck!

Junior Champion

I plan on hitting up the par 3 course. Using the new callaway 52 degree! 

My guess is: 9

Junior Champion

To knock off the rust I'm going to 1.) replace every club in my bag and 2.) eject from New England and get somewhere warm!


Going with 11.

High School Varsity

I've been keeping rust off, thanks to kindness from Mother Nature. It's been unseasonably warm in NJ and I've managed to get in few hours of range time and or round of golf every weekend. And than there is always Topgolf.



combined score 9.. good luck

Junior Champion

I've managed to convince my wife to let me convert our dining room in to my golf room. Where I have Skytrack set up,with 40 inch tv. Hitting balls with my new XR16 Os irons all winter #KnockOffTheRust2K17..


combined score 10. Good luck

High School Varsity

I bought a net and mat this year to keep me in form over the winter.  Also plan on warming up better before my rounds.    TPC sawgrass 17- combined score will be 9

Junior Champion

I am going to finally spend the money on a lesson. I've been trying to figure it out myself but it's not working.


combined score of 9 on 17

Junior Champion

To knock the rust involves venturing in the soggy courses of Portland, OR for at least 3 rounds, and hitting the PDX golf show to test new clubs against my trusted Callaway set.     Combined score...   8    

High School Varsity

KOTR2k17 - We Have A Winner (or Two...)


Hey Callaway Pals-


House here.  KOTR2k17 is in the books and what can I say?  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  We covered the full gamut of emotions and experiences: anticipation (flights down delayed!), jubilation (first birdie of the season!), trepidation (alligators!), exasperation (so many bad swings!) and of course ... gluttonization (thanks Palm Valley Fish Camp & Medure's!)  


As you would expect, the trip was an unmitigated success because it was many of the best things in life: great pals, great food and ... some kind of golf.  I'm reminded of the saying about pizza: when it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good.  Much love to Travis Fulton of Golf Channel Academy and Jason Fenstermaker of PGA Tour Academy at World Golf Village for putting up with me and my gang of thirsty learners...


I am sort of...kind of ... happy(?) to announce a couple winners for the ShackHoooooooouse KOTR2k17 giveaway.  Great guesses by Community members Jskip and Jtownley, who astutely anticipated some real rust out of me and Adam Rapoport.  


The combined score was a 12 (sad!), with one us making a 5 (via one water-ball, just short!) and the other one of us hitting balls in the water from a couple different angles and limping away with a painful 7.  If anyone caught a look at my swing on Rap's Instagram stories (which I highly recommend if you eat food, you can find him @rapo4)  - you know which one of us made 7.


Congrats to @Jskip and @jtownley! The good folks at Callaway will coordinate shipment of your prizes with you directly.


And big BIG thanks to everyone who chimed in with their plans for kicking off the 2017 season properly.  Shack and I will mention a couple of our favorites on this coming week's ShackHouse podcast, which will be posted on Tuesday March 14 ...  so definitely listen in - we will be naming names! 

College Recruit ⭐⭐

Congrats to @Jskip and @jtownley!

Junior Champion

@HousefromDC Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway! I would happily take either of those scores if it meant a chance to play sawgrass. Can't wait to listen to the podcast! Smiley Very Happy congrats to the winners!

College Recruit

I am so happy to be a member of this great community. @HousefromDC Thank you, Callaway golf, and Ogio for the opportunity to win this prize. I cannot wait to KOTR and make this year the best one yet. Thank you!!!!!

College Recruit ⭐

Grats to @Jskip and @jtownley


too bad my faith in @HousefromDC was not awarded. So sad..

High School Varsity ⭐⭐⭐

Congrats @Jskip and @jtownley. Well done Shackhouse!

Junior Champion

Thanks @HousefromDC, Rap, Fulton, Callaway, Ogio and that beautiful blue water surrounding #17!! I would love that Ogio stand bag my current one is falling apart(due to age but also stress from witnessing some BAAAAAD rounds of golf). I look forward to the next podcast, SHAAAAAACKHOUUUUUUUUUSE!

College Recruit ⭐⭐

Congrats guys!!! Great contest!!