ShackHouse Central 2nd Round Open Championship Recap: We Have A Cut!

High School Varsity

House: Okay Shack, now we are cooking with gas ... THIS IS OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP WEATHER!! Average morning score of 75 leading to a +5 cut-line, that is how it is done, Royal Birkdale!! How about Zach Johnson's 66 today, verrrrrry impressive. Spieth taking on the brunt of the weather and still going under also outstanding. And I'm also seeing this young fella Rory...


Shack: Yes House, you are getting your sadistic wish. I followed Kuchar around and what a joy to watch him navigate a links in weather like this. He played two shots he’d like to have back, otherwise it was a lovely show of patience. And it was more gruesome out there as the day went on. Hope you did not enjoy it too much! Though Kuchar did! Said he was looking forward to watching the the telly all afternoon!


House: I'm not sure what it says about me that I am seeing the world just like Kooch...BUT I will say, it's not sadism that makes me enjoy a weather-challenged Open Champ. It's tradition! You didn't say anything about my man Rory...

Shack: You aren’t alone, Kuchar told us after the round he was looking forward to watching it all play out too. Funny how The Open is allowed to be nasty and cruel and even the players like it! You know why though House? Because the interference is from Mother Nature, not some guy with a Stimpmeter under his arm. So you are safe with this view...for now.


House: Life rule, EMBRACE TRADITION! So you are not going to give me any love on Rory, that's fine. Tell me 3 guys you have your eyes on for the weekend and why...I'll go first: Poults (not Tiger's rival, but is he due?) Hideki (Intriguing math problem...his talent + this weather = ?? ) and RORS (he *might* be back, baby!!)


Shack: I’ll grant you Poults, though he has to survive this Friday mess we are about to experience. I’ll stick with Kuchar because I watched him work his way around the course and he fits the demo that has been doing well at The Open. And Spieth just doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. Rory, you can have. He’s all yours!


House: Alright Shack, we have done it. Rooting for a wet and wild weekend ... for myself ... and the same thing for the Open Championship!


Shack: Oh you are getting to the wetness and I’m going to get wet, but I have a shiny new umbrella to test out!


House:  Nice send us a pic!!

High School Varsity

FYI Callaway pals, here is the link to the post from this morning. Of course I parked it in the wrong place in the Community, I should not be allowed anywhere near a computer...


College Starter ⭐⭐⭐

Im worried about Phil......No Bones , Major Championship and missed cut badly. Nobody would admit that it was an issue but it ?

College Recruit ⭐

Yeah I'm worried about him to! 

College Recruit ⭐⭐⭐

Of course it's an issue. It's going to take Tim a while to learn the ropes and for Phil to get used to him. 25 years expierence is hard to replace. Espically when Bones was an extension to Phils mind.

College Recruit ⭐⭐

Phil was having yardage issues with his irons the past two weeks, and I wonder if its because of equipment or lack of Bones expertise. Until he gets confident when setting up for the shot, we're gonna see Phil suffer for a bit...

College Starter ⭐⭐⭐

It is probably normal and expected from such a dramatic change. Bones and Phil are a unit on the golf course. I feel bad for both of them. Its a great Open though !! I look forward to this major every year and this one is just awesome. Sunday is gonna be a great day !!

College Starter ⭐⭐⭐

How about Branden Grace with the 62 today in the 3rd round !! I knew that Arnie Umbrella would bring him some Open luck. Low round for Callaway today !! Historical Round !!!