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GOLFS 2017 BEST AND NEW DRIVERSIt was hard for me to decide which driver deserves the #1 spot on out Top 5 Best Golf Drivers 2017 list and this one is so good, I’d like to say that this one is #1, too. Callaway came up with a...
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Back when I quit the game I was a really good putter I came to the game and of course I started with my old number 1 putter, then I'd change and change again, but no matter what I couldn't get the roll like I use to have...
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Every so often our club has a challange like this. It is a par 72, only 3 holes that water has to be crossed, what 3 clubs would you take? Me - Driver,8 iron and putter.
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@MBrowningCG How about this awesome foam finger as the prize for the next Callaway Community contest?