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 Anybody out there use golf themed checks? I get these from deluxe.  I don't know how long I've been using them but it's been at least 3 or 4 years.  It shows 4 different scenes; #17 at TPC Sawgrass, #17 at TPC...
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Watching womens NCAA on GC, girl hits tee shot, man down the way indicates the ball went in the hazard.......tall grass before getting to the actual water, marked with red line Girl re-tees (later find out it is a provis...
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I never thought I would write on a forum 1000 times.however the people on this community are a rare breed and pleasure to read.Taking a snap shot of golf right nowWe have some of the best technology, best resources and best c...
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Last week I played lights out shooting under my handicap 3 to 4 strokes in three rounds. Today I hit the practice range and it was like an alien had taken over my body. I was hitting fades instead of draws and coming over the...